We manufacture silos for the storage and preservation of flour, rice, drinks, liquids, creams, starches and dietary food powders.


Unconditional guarantee for the agri-food industry

The silos we manufacture are suitable for the industrial storage capacity of any product, whether liquid or powder. Furthermore, our tanks allow for complete emptying, as well as filling, even with different products without any further preliminary cleaning. The internal and external finishes, along with advanced techniques used, make it possible to store food in compliance with current health regulations without any alteration caused by residues or external agents.


Italian agri-food is a noted excellence throughout the world. For this reason, we have an in-depth understanding of this sector, along with important expertise in the design and processing of materials, and we know what is best for each product and semi-finished product.

Silos for every size and product requirement

We care about your products

The preservation and processing of agri-food products require very delicate phases that can compromise their organoleptic qualities and shelf life. Thanks to the techniques and materials we use, we ensure constant thermal control and the preservation of the physical properties of your ingredients, semi-finished products and products, so that maximum quality and food safety are guaranteed under all conditions.

Solutions for each raw material and product

Each raw material and each product call for different treatment and preservation methods. Our in-depth knowledge of their characteristics, coupled with fifty years of experience in the agri-food sector, enable us to offer silos and systems with the best technical solutions. Benefits include: avoided deterioration, homogeneity constantly guaranteed, the optimisation of storage and complete emptying without residues.

Fermentation, canning, food processing and production companies choose us every day because they know that their products have never been safer

Steeltech srl produces tanks and cisterns in stainless steel

We design and manufacture stainless steel tanks, vats and containers for wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, herbal infusions, liquids and solids in general with high quality technology

SteelTech srl is a company specialized in the processing of stainless steel, a material that offers numerous advantages for the conservation of food liquids such as wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, herbal infusions, liquids and solids in general .

50 years of experience in the sector represent and confirm the passion and competence for every detail of our creations. Today SteelTech collaborates with wineries and oil mills and more: our mission is to preserve the quality of noble food liquids. From the national territory, the step has been taken to the world, but each new customer is an opportunity and desire for comparison, for improvements for our production of winemakers, tanks and containers for wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, infusions for herbal medicine, liquids and solids in general.

Among our stainless steel products, tanks occupy a prominent place, as they are the ideal element for containing wines without altering all their physical and chemical properties in any way. One of the major advantages of stainless steel tanks for wine, water, oil and milk is certainly the material they are made of, 18/10 steel is in fact an important component with innumerable peculiarities, precisely because stainless steel containers for wine, oil, water and milk are not subject to corrosion, but are easy to clean and have an almost unlimited duration over time.



We manufacture fermentation tanks, grapes-receiving tanks as well as tanks for storing and preserving wine.



We manufacture tanks for containing water, industrial sludge and landfill leachate as well as reactors for the production of biogas.



We manufacture tanks for containing powders, liquids and granules of any volume and specific weight.


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