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Steeltech srl produces tanks and cisterns in stainless steel

We design and manufacture stainless steel tanks, vats and containers for wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, herbal infusions, liquids and solids in general with high quality technology

SteelTech srl is a company specialized in the processing of stainless steel, a material that offers numerous advantages for the conservation of food liquids such as wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, herbal infusions, liquids and solids in general .

50 years of experience in the sector represent and confirm the passion and competence for every detail of our creations. Today SteelTech collaborates with wineries and oil mills and more: our mission is to preserve the quality of noble food liquids. From the national territory, the step has been taken to the world, but each new customer is an opportunity and desire for comparison, for improvements for our production of winemakers, tanks and containers for wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, infusions for herbal medicine, liquids and solids in general.

Among our stainless steel products, tanks occupy a prominent place, as they are the ideal element for containing wines without altering all their physical and chemical properties in any way. One of the major advantages of stainless steel tanks for wine, water, oil and milk is certainly the material they are made of, 18/10 steel is in fact an important component with innumerable peculiarities, precisely because stainless steel containers for wine, oil, water and milk are not subject to corrosion, but are easy to clean and have an almost unlimited duration over time.

Stainless steel tanks wine industru


We manufacture fermentation tanks, grapes-receiving tanks as well as tanks for storing and preserving wine.

Stainless steel tanks agri-food industry


We manufacture silos for the storage and preservation of flour, rice, drinks, liquids, creams, starches and dietary food powders.

Stainless steel tanks Environmental Bioenergy


We manufacture tanks for containing water, industrial sludge and landfill leachate as well as reactors for the production of biogas.

Stainless steel tanks Chemical Pharmaceutical


We manufacture tanks for containing powders, liquids and granules of any volume and specific weight.

Pure Evolution


All our products and solutions can be integrated with various options and automations in accordance with the incentives of the Industry 4.0 plan. In this way, we enable important process innovations that will help transform our clients’ companies into genuine smart factories.


Our products are sustainable not only because steel can be constantly recycled but also because we are committed to using steel from certified steel mills that meet the highest standards of sustainability at every stage. This guarantees a supply chain with high performance and great added value for us, our clients and our environment.


  • Lead Time- We know how important timely delivery is for our clients. This is why we are daily committed to respecting and improving deadlines from the very design phase to continuous monitoring throughout the production phases.
  • Quality- Our important know-how regarding steel, how it performs, as well as the various processing and welding techniques allows us to offer our clients high quality products along with scheduled and continuous assistance.

  • Company rating- We are aware that it is essential for companies to have reliable suppliers, also from a financial perspective. We are a solid company that ensures the security of contractual compliance even for the largest projects and installations. This is what makes us not a mere supplier, but a reliable and competent partner for our clients.

Clear results

High performance for all sizes

We manufacture small and medium-sized tanks as well as semi-finished products in our own factories, while the assembly and construction of larger tanks takes place directly on the client’s premises with our own equipment and specialised construction team, thus always guaranteeing expert delivery.

What we are working on

INN.OLEO.LAT is our integrated R&D project in the agri-food sector, specifically designed for the oil and dairy industries.



All our products are subject to compliance tests in accordance with requirements laid down by European and International directives, thus offering our clients guarantees that extend over time

Pressure and atmospheric tanks


For our continuous improvement and optimisation of production and organizational structure

Pressure tanks, atmospheric tanks and metalwork


For the quality of our welding process both in the workshop and on external construction sites

CE marking for steel products


To guarantee that our products have been designed and manufactured in full compliance with current regulations

Our commitment and corporate culture


Our latest initiatives, activities and people


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