INN.OLEO.LAT is our integrated agri-food R&D project, particularly designed for the olive oil and dairy sectors.


Innovative projects for the agri-food industry is at the centre of the Investment Plan approved by Puglia Sviluppo. In particular, the project idea is part of the “Sustainable Manufacturing – Smart Factory – Advanced Production Technologies” and “Human and Environmental Health ” areas, both relating to the public notice “Aid to integrated programmes promoted by Small Enterprises-PIA” of the Puglia Region. has foreseen an important investment plan for the development of two innovative projects: one for the pasteurisation, the heat treatment and the processing of dairy products, currently underway, and the other, already completed, for the extraction of extra virgin olive oil.
As a result of the R&D activities carried out, two applications for Industrial Patents have been submitted.


The region of Puglia, which generates 60% of Italy’s extra virgin olive oil production, representing more than a thousand active mills, 21 cultivars, including the Coratina (one of the best in Italy for its high polyphenol content and intense flavour), was the most suitable setting for the development, testing and implementation of this innovative system.


This new method of oil extraction is based on a system that combines a heat exchanger, further optimised with advantages already widely successful in recent years, with a microwave system that allows uniform heating of olive paste; together with the mechanical action due to the agitation of water molecules, an extraction process is enabled with numerous advantages over the more traditional methods usually employed.


Studies on the extracted extra virgin olive oil carried out by the Department of Agri-Environmental and Territorial Sciences at the University of Bari have shown clear advantages in terms of yield and organoleptic quality. It has been demonstrated that the innovative system during the extraction process (compared to more traditional methods) allows for: a faster and safer heating control, a reduction of the conditioning phase by 50%, a reduction in the extraction process and energy consumption as well as operating costs of the process against a significant increase of up to 30% of hydrophilic phenolic compounds. In particular, the total phenols showed a concentration of about 1g/kg, significantly improving the health properties of the product, which can therefore be included in the category of oils with a high phenol content. In addition to these advantages, the system ensures high flow rates even for mills that do not have a lot of space.

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