50 years of experience in steel processing

About us


During the 1970s the current owners, Savino Maldera and Francesco Cialdella, were among the founding partners of the initial company, operating in the metallurgy sector. In 2009, through a corporate split, they permanently transferred shares to pursue activities in a new company, which gave rise to a brand-new organization: Steel Tech srl, managed by a Board of Directors entrusted to their children: Alfonso Cialdella, President and Legal Representative, Vito Maldera, Vice-President and Aldo Maldera, who together with the other shareholders, make up the Board of Directors.


Over the next few years, we aim to continue the process of innovation through the adoption of the latest production techniques; at the same time, we seek to consolidate corporate management in terms of social responsibility, so as to establish ourselves as a company capable of being a true business partner for its clients and not merely a supplier.

Our choices as a sign of continuous improvement

Technological and digital transformation

We are currently investing in an ambitious change, which comes in various aspects both internally and externally. This has been equally supported by the generational transition we have been involved in for over a decade, which today we can report has successfully transpired.

A steady annual increase in turnover [+43% (2017), +34% (2018), +19% (2019), +35% (2020)] has confirmed the need to equip ourselves with additional systems and innovative solutions for automated production. For this reason, we have started a process of internal technological and digital transformation by adopting a new management software as well as increasing our fleet of machine tools with the latest generation machinery and equipment. This will allow us to network in an increasingly automated way so as to better support market demands. In addition, we are investing in R&D, in order to: develop new solutions to place on the market, introduce innovative improvements to the status quo and strengthen our presence in markets that require the highest technology on today’s industrial scene.

A new corporate culture

In recent years, we have undertaken a major shift towards a new corporate culture that is increasingly accountable towards our stakeholders, whether they be employees, clients or suppliers, financial institutions or the community, through the adoption of measures that allow for greater transparency.

The first step in this process was the implementation of an Organizational and Management Model together with a Code of Ethics, as we firmly believe that a sound economic and production system cannot exist without greater organizational clarity, along with respect for individuals and the environment. A further step was to acquire a Legality Rating – an ethical reward tool administered and assigned by the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) in agreement with the Ministries of Justice and the Interior – which certifies that our company operates according to principles based on legality, transparency and corporate social responsibility. These values, together with the sustainable and responsible use of available resources, are the “intangible assets” that guide the management of Steel Tech srl, as it establishes itself as a genuine 4.0 company.

As evidence of our total commitment, we received the prestigious Le Fonti award as “Excellence of the year for Innovation and Leadership in steel-processing.”. We are truly proud to have received this award because it recognised our solid direction along with the work and dedication that we put into our daily efforts by responding to clients’ needs and solving their problems. This is a goal that we have reached as a team, along with all our employees, co-workers and our many clients. We constantly work together on common projects, while facing new challenges that allow us to create a better future for our lives, our businesses and our industry.

Steeltech srl produces tanks and cisterns in stainless steel

We design and manufacture stainless steel tanks, vats and containers for wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, herbal infusions, liquids and solids in general with high quality technology

SteelTech srl is a company specialized in the processing of stainless steel, a material that offers numerous advantages for the conservation of food liquids such as wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, herbal infusions, liquids and solids in general .

50 years of experience in the sector represent and confirm the passion and competence for every detail of our creations. Today SteelTech collaborates with wineries and oil mills and more: our mission is to preserve the quality of noble food liquids. From the national territory, the step has been taken to the world, but each new customer is an opportunity and desire for comparison, for improvements for our production of winemakers, tanks and containers for wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, infusions for herbal medicine, liquids and solids in general.

Among our stainless steel products, tanks occupy a prominent place, as they are the ideal element for containing wines without altering all their physical and chemical properties in any way. One of the major advantages of stainless steel tanks for wine, water, oil and milk is certainly the material they are made of, 18/10 steel is in fact an important component with innumerable peculiarities, precisely because stainless steel containers for wine, oil, water and milk are not subject to corrosion, but are easy to clean and have an almost unlimited duration over time.

Stainless steel tanks wine industru


We manufacture fermentation tanks, grapes-receiving tanks as well as tanks for storing and preserving wine.

Stainless steel tanks agri-food industry


We manufacture silos for the storage and preservation of flour, rice, drinks, liquids, creams, starches and dietary food powders.

Stainless steel tanks Environmental Bioenergy


We manufacture tanks for containing water, industrial sludge and landfill leachate as well as reactors for the production of biogas.

Stainless steel tanks Chemical Pharmaceutical


We manufacture tanks for containing powders, liquids and granules of any volume and specific weight.


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