We manufacture fermentation tanks, grapes-receiving tanks as well as tanks for storing and preserving wine.


Always a reference point for the wine industry

In 1972, we produced the first carbon steel tank for the wine industry. Since then, our commitment to research and development, the use of innovative materials and technologies as well as our ability to listen to our clients’ needs have enabled us to reach significant goals by developing advanced solutions that are recognised for their excellence in the field of oenology.


Thanks to our significant experience in the wine industry, we are consistently able to offer the best products depending on logistical requirements, variety of grapevines and the type of desired product.

Custom-made plants for wine cellars and the wine industry.

Preliminary Consulting and Design

Thanks to our technical department, we professionally respond to the special requests of our clients for the best implementation of projects and customised oenological installations: from the simplest to the largest and most complex plants, from indoor to outdoor settings.

Materials and processing

The quality of the materials used, as well as the processing and welding techniques we carry out, allow us to obtain products with technical and aesthetic performance with great added value, while ensuring the highest hygienic standards and food safety.

The winemaking process involves a series of delicate operational choices at each stage that will influence the end results and the quality of the wine.
Our technicians are always ready to offer you the best support.

Steeltech srl produces tanks and cisterns in stainless steel

We design and manufacture stainless steel tanks, vats and containers for wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, herbal infusions, liquids and solids in general with high quality technology

SteelTech srl is a company specialized in the processing of stainless steel, a material that offers numerous advantages for the conservation of food liquids such as wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, herbal infusions, liquids and solids in general .

50 years of experience in the sector represent and confirm the passion and competence for every detail of our creations. Today SteelTech collaborates with wineries and oil mills and more: our mission is to preserve the quality of noble food liquids. From the national territory, the step has been taken to the world, but each new customer is an opportunity and desire for comparison, for improvements for our production of winemakers, tanks and containers for wine, oil, honey, fruit juices, milk, liqueurs, infusions for herbal medicine, liquids and solids in general.

Among our stainless steel products, tanks occupy a prominent place, as they are the ideal element for containing wines without altering all their physical and chemical properties in any way. One of the major advantages of stainless steel tanks for wine, water, oil and milk is certainly the material they are made of, 18/10 steel is in fact an important component with innumerable peculiarities, precisely because stainless steel containers for wine, oil, water and milk are not subject to corrosion, but are easy to clean and have an almost unlimited duration over time.



We manufacture silos for the storage and preservation of flour, rice, drinks, liquids, creams, starches and dietary food powders.



We manufacture tanks for containing water, industrial sludge and landfill leachate as well as reactors for the production of biogas.



We manufacture tanks for containing powders, liquids and granules of any volume and specific weight


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