Steel Tech is among the partner companies of REHOUSE, the new European project that accelerates the rate of building and energy renovation in the EU

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On 13 and 14 October Steel Tech met in Valladolid, Spain, at the headquarters of Cartif, the Research Center coordinator of the project, the other 24 partner organizations of ReHouse, the new ambitious project financed by the EU which will see it committed to next 4 years. The project’s ultimate aim is to contribute to the decarbonisation process and combat energy poverty in Europe, an emergency that cannot be postponed today more than ever.
More specifically, the Rehouse project involves the development of 8 innovative solutions that will be implemented on 4 selected buildings in Greece, Italy, France and Hungary which will make renovation processes more efficient, convenient and sustainable. The aim is to bring the solutions to the market on a large scale, thus helping to accelerate the current rate of building and energy regeneration. Indeed, today’s EU building stock is responsible for more than a third of EU emissions and more than 75% of the EU’s building stock is energy inefficient, coupled with a lower annual renovation rate at 1%. It is therefore clear how improving the efficiency of renovation projects represents an absolute priority.
ReHouse aims to increase the adoption of industrialized technological solutions, support the digitalisation of the construction sector, apply circular principles along the entire value chain, introduce the use of safe, sustainable and secondary raw materials into the industry, achieve recycling , reuse and efficient waste management in the renovation sector. A courageous and very timely project given the energy, economic and political situation we are experiencing.
In particular, Steel Tech for ReHouse will implement its innovative and sustainable thermal energy storage solution managed by an intelligent control system on a public housing complex in Margherita di Savoia, the Italian site of the European project.

“We are really very proud to be part of the Rehouse team alongside large Italian and foreign companies and research centers because we deeply believe in the project and in our solution” – Declares Alfonso Cialdella, President of the Board of Directors of Steel Tech “It’s a great task but it constitutes our contribution to trying to protect our unique and beautiful planet by improving the lives of its inhabitants, so everyone is called to do their part.”

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